Being an account of the O’Rear Family of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Many other states now have members of the Family.

"A man inherits most of the qualities of his mind and body. He may develop his inheritances but he cannot alter them. So, the matter of one’s heredity is of much importance. The stock of which one is a scion may bear good fruit, even imported fruit, but by and large it will be the same fruit. `Do you grow figs of thorns?’"

	Judge Edward C. O’Rear
	(1863 - 1963)

Third Edition: Printed 30 April 1978 in Frankfort, Kentucky.

(This copy retyped by Dennis O’Rear May 1995 in Petaluma, California.)

(Conversion to HTML format for World Wide Web by Paul A. O’Rear January 1997 in Dallas, Texas.)


Edited by Edward Clay O’Rear II - Frankfort, Kentucky

Cover Design by James O’Rear - Corpus Christi, Texas

I wish to thank the many members of the family who have helped with the work for this pamphlet. I also which to thank my son John O’Rear for his help in putting it together, and to Lori Meadows who typed it.