Major Enoch O’Rear and the War of 1812

Major Enoch O’Rear (1761-1845) was the son of John O’Rear (No. 3) and inherited Cloverfield. His wife was Hannah Renoe (a cousin) and the Colonel Rennoe mentioned was another cousin, possibly his mother’s brother. These letters were found in John O’Rear’s desk (Sketch No. 47). Enoch O’Rear was a major in the Virginia Militia and the two letters following relate his experiences.

Ginral John P. Hungerford

Member of Congress

Dear Sir,

Agreeable to your request ginral of the fifth Brigade cald on the thirtysixth regiment, for a Detatchment of Mellatia to March to Mattose bridge, of one captain two Lent. one insign four sergants four corples two musicians and 87 privates, whitch was to March under my command. I marched them agreable to orders and replaccted to the Command at that place, and we were harrest about from place, to place, til we got to Camp Sildon, and I was taken sick not able to Do Duty and I came home to recover my health, and after I left camp Ginral Madison took the men from the officers and sent the officers home and has March about threefourths of the men in merralland and I am told means to keep them for six months. I sould be glad you would direct me how to git the men back, ad three months is nearly run out whitch I conseave is the time they were Draftd for. In ordir you may show how longe thay have bin out I will give you a copy of your Orders. Camp mattos Bridge 24th July 1814. Dir I have been honourd by the Excutive of this State with the command of the troops in servis in the Northern Neck with power to call on the first and fifth Burgade for aid I must therefore Desire that you will immediately organaze a detatchment of five hunderd men with orders to march to this place without delay. Infantry will be perfered, the advance of the squadron is ofen miles above this place, I am sir, Respectfully your obed.

Brigeade G. Johon Blackwill servant
5 Brigeade Va, malitia John Hungerford
B.G. Comdt

Bergade orders 25 July 1814

Sir agreeable to the above orders you will immediatly Detail one Capt 2 Lent 2 Dnsigns 2 sergeant and 4 corporals 2 musicians and 87 privats, armed and equipted in the Best maner practteable, your Ob. servt. Thomas Shelton Comdt. of 5 Bregades Va militas

Major Enoch ORear to take the Command

Enoch Rennoe

Sir I think it extream hard those men to be keep in sirvas for six months as thirtysixth Regment has furnish a Detachment for that requestion beside this Detachment.

Sir I am Respectfully your Obed.

Enoch ORear Major Co
36th Rgmt meliata
Oct 27th 1814.

Major Enoch Orear

Camp near Stafford CourtHouse

Cloverfield August 20, 1814

Dear sir

I recived your letter of 2d Inst and it informs me that you are sick which I am very sorrow to hear. The peeches which I wrote you about are all destroyed from a storm which we have had lately --- olliver has not commenced yet following but intends in a short time, I intend to get out the oats for to pay the taxes as soon as possible Mr. smith will attend to the seling of the oats if not cawd out for the militia one all cawld out at prisant and I can afsure you that the Brittish army is in the City and have burnt all the Public buildings. I have been much distrefsed since you went a way - and I have been very unwell for some time. The children are both well at presant.

I am your affectionly

Hannah Orear

P.S. Mr. B Harrisons familey have moved up to your plantation with tenn or twllve negroes which the family have left at the place and are gon to the springs.