Greg OíRear and the Motorcycle

Gregg OíRear of Nashville, Tennessee is a big man. Meeting him is unforgettable.

Some years ago, I met an attorney from Nashville, Tennessee at a State Government meeting. He described Greg, "You donít argue with Greg OíRear. he is seven feet tall and must weigh 500 pounds, all muscle." He told this story: "Greg was at one time head of the State Highway patrol. It seems that at one point the Governor of Tennessee was considering mounting the State Highway Patrol on motorcycles, and in discussing the matter with Greg, asked him if he would be able to ride a motorcycle, to which Greg replied, "I thinks so, Governor, but if I canít I can carry it under my arm."

I thought this visitor with his description of Greg was just another tall tale teller for which Tennessee is noted (Kentuckyís greatest rival in this respect), until I had occasion to meet Greg. I believe he could carry it under his arm.

        Ed OíRear